October 8, 2020

Volleyball paperwork is available online if you have a printer at home. To find the forms you will go to the school website and find Hawks Athletics. Once in the athletics page click on volleyball and then click on info. Print all the forms that are in green. ONLY virtual students can pick up a packet from the front office. I will be available starting on Monday, Oct 5 during homeroom at the top of the 7th grade hall until 7:30 to pass out packets to those that do not have access to a printer at home. I will collect COMPLETED paperwork after fall break on the following days- Oct. 20 for 8th grade, Oct. 21 for 7th grade and Oct. 22 for 6th grade. If your child is virtual you may email the forms to [email protected] if you don’t want to drop them off at the school. I will collect paperwork until Oct. 27 from those that were not able to turn it in on their assigned day. Tryouts will be limited to 40 girls per grade and held after school from 2:30-4:30. Again, paperwork MUST BE COMPLETELY filled out and signed or it will be returned.


Tryout practices are as follows-

6th grade- Nov. 12 and Dec. 3

7th grade- Nov. 9 and Nov. 30

8th grade- Oct. 29 and Nov. 16

Dec. 8- practice for those that signed up but were communicable disease exclusion during one of their practice dates


Tryouts will be held as follows-

Dec. 16- 6th grade

Dec. 17- 7th grade

Dec. 18- 8th grade

Jan. 7- Tryout for those that were communicable disease exclusion during original tryouts.

Jan. 8- Roster will be posted

Practices- TBD