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Written Expression Expectations (for any response that expects a written answer):

There are 3 expectations regarding a written response (all aspects are graded).:

Dissect: Write down the question in its entirety. Underline/circle/highlight what the main focus of the question is asking, what the main focus is looking at, and why it is being looked at. 

Plan: In an appropriate chart or bullet-pointing format, identify the textual evidence and any inferences or knowledgeable reasonings as to what the textual evidence is saying. You can place chunked direct quotes or full lines of direct quoting here. 

Craft: Create a response that answers all aspects of the question. This answer should begin by restating the primary question in the form of a statement. It should then answer the question more directly using language that speaks directly to the answer itself. Textual support should come only in the form of chunking (pieces of the direct quote only, placed in quotation marks--not the complete sentence of the direct quote) or paraphrasing (restating of the author's words in your own. The next part of the answer should explain how the textual support supports the answer to the question. Finally, the student should make a closing statement about the question as a whole and/or make a statement about how the answer addresses a bigger aspect of the text (theme, point of view, plot, characterizations, etc.). 

The student should not use any "I" statements in their answers (e.g., I believe the theme of the piece, never settle for less than your best... becomes "the theme of the piece, never settle for less than your best). 


For grading, the dissect and the plan are worth 1 point each. The craft section is worth 5 points. If a student only writes down the question or only writes down the question and only underlines/circles, highlights, they will lose half a point on the dissect. If a student only partially fills out the plan, they will lose a percentage of points there as well. 

For the craft section grading:

Expectation/Earned By
A: 5 points
Exceeded expectations. Went far above expectations. Proven mastery. Answer contains minimal grammatical errors. 
Above expectations. Exceeded expectations, just short of true mastery. Answer contains minimal grammatical errors.
Met expectations. Nothing more. Average. Answer has some grammatical errors, but the errors do not detract from understanding. 
Just below expectations. Close, but did not quite meet expectations. Answer has numerous grammatical errors--some which make the answer confusing. 
Failed to meet expectations. Did not follow directions or failed to meet any expectations. Lacks any attention to grammar and grammar rules. 


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